So i found this little gem at my parents place. I can remember playing with it as a kid and loving it. BMW Alpina E30 windup car. The only thing printed on there that is there to help identify it is on the bottom. It's stamped MADE IN W. GERMANY and Darda Motor. Based upon the MADE IN W. GERMANY part, i can surmise that it was made before the end of the Cold War and the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Upon research i was able to find out that Darda is still around, however these seem to be one of a kind as i can't find any others like it online.

I went to Ebay and Amazon and i was able to see other BMW models with a Darda Motor (8-Series, Z8) but i can't seem to find anything about them or if these are a one of a kind item that could be worth some monies. Anyone out there on the Interwebs/Jalopnik/Oppo-Lock able to help me find out more information about it?