So with some internet sleuthing i was able to get a screen capture of one of the bikers involved in the melee in New York City on Sunday from his instagram page before he deleted the picture.

I subsequently sent the screen capture along with the guys name and contact information to the NYPD.

If you search the hashtag #Hollywoodstuntz via google you'll see that there are plenty of those involved who took pictures of documented their criminal and law breaking activity that day.


He runs a bike shop in NYC (although the name makes me wonder otherwise) called Charlie's Chop Shop.


Phone Number: (917) 578-7311


I found another participant in the mob that was involved with the Range Rover. All i've been able to find out about this guy is that his name is Diego. At one point he owned or still does own a business known as ArcaneMoto.…

According to their facebook page ArcaneMoto is located in East Elmhurst, NY. He's also apparently stupid enough to post his exact location too (have fun with this one)

His handle on instagram is"cholobarkly_arcanemoto". Upon googling variations of his user name i found a past craigslist ad from him (which has since expired). In the google description it says:

I think it's fair to assume this is another 'suspect' in the incident that occured